COVID Memorial Trees at Rose Hills


Honoring Those Lost Due to the Coronavirus

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Like the rest of the U.S., Southern California continues to see lingering effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. To comfort families of those lost to

Whittier Community, Mayor & BrightView Unveil the Rose Hills COVID-19 Tree Memorial
乐动体育在线Brightview和Rose Hills团队成员聚集起来纪念那些因Covid-19迷失的人在新的玫瑰山纪念馆

冠状病毒,冠心病Rose Hills Memorial Park (Whittier, Calif.)worked together with BrightView to build a COVID-19 memorial. With more than 1,600 Rose Hills families directly affected by the illness, organizers felt a need to create space for the community to take comfort in knowing they are not alone.

On March 22 members of the Southern California community, the Mayor of Whittier, the Rose Hills team, along with BrightView Landscapes, came together to memorialize lives lost due to the coronavirus, unveiling the Rose Hills COVID-19 Tree Memorial.

The memorial offers a space for reflection and for the community to feel a connection to those who lost their lives to COVID. The memorial is lined with white flags that serve as a symbolic purpose of representing a COVID 19 victim laid to rest at Rose Hills and the practical purpose of marking a path for visitors. Ten Crepe Myrtle trees, which were donated byEverde Nurseryand BrightView, are set along the flag-lined pathway and represent the social distancing that has been one of the defining feature of worldwide response to the illness. Trees also symbolize new beginnings and growth.

“在罗斯山上有多乐动体育在线年的伙伴,我们知道他们将是为这个纪念馆创造适当的空间的最适合,”社区关系&通信总监Antoinette Lou表示,罗斯山纪念公园和屠杀。“讨论了纪念馆的纪念树木,明亮威尔维尤有助于通过社会疏散树木的想法来扩大项目以代表过去一年。”乐动体育在线

The trees are a spot for families and visitors to hang weatherproof cards with messages to those lost. BrightView Landscapes donated their design, procurement, and landscaping services for the memorial.

Rose Hills Dedication to Team Members Passed Away Due to COVID-19
Card hanging at Rose Hills pays respect to BrightView team member lost due to COVID-19

“This tree memorial at Rose Hills is a powerful, living tribute to those we have lost and BrightView is honored to donate our expertise in partnership with SCI to this moving tribute,” said Po Chen, BrightView Vice President and General Manager. “We designed the landscape to represent growth, chose trees representing strength, and distanced them to provide visitors with the space for private reflection.”

Rose Hill Memorial in Whittier is the largest cemetery in North America, encompassing more than 14,000 acres. In addition to the new COVID-19 memorial, there are more than a dozen dedicated lawns for religious, ethnic, and fraternal organizations, including more than three acres memorializing U.S. military veterans. The cemetery also is home to Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Columbarium, the largest Buddhist pagoda in the United States, as well as lush Japanese gardens.

“The unveiling event was made even more memorable with Rose Hills dedicating a card to one of our fallen team members who tragically passed away due to COVID-19,” Chen said. “While this loss is unimaginable, our team is grateful for this wonderful partnership solidified with this memorial.”

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