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Growth in Relationships + Opportunities for Women

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Women may be in the minority in the landscape industry, but their contributions certainly are not overshadowed. The GROW Employee Resource Group celebrates and supports our female colleagues by advocating for the hiring, promotion, and retention of women across BrightView.

Since 2017, GROW has brought together women and those who support them throughout the BrightView organization and beyond. See how GROW’s advocacy is making a difference:

Growth in Relationships + Opportunities for Women  (GROW)
GROW advocates for the hiring, promotion and retention of women at BrightView.

Facilitating Connections

GROW provides opportunities for the women of BrightView to connect with others, including fellow group members, company leadership, and thought leaders from around the country. Networking, professional development opportunities, regional events, and webinars provide group members with support for their goals, both personal and professional.

Making Mentorship More Accessible

Mentorship is a powerful vehicle for enabling success. Whether formal or informal, BrightView’s GROW members find support through engaging with leaders and mentors within the organization to help them navigate the company and solve challenges.

GROW Conference Room
Quarterly meetings are held across the country to learn from one another.

Spreading Our Reach to the Community

GROW seeks to empower all women, not just those within our company. That’s why GROW members across the country are spreading the love through partnerships with community organizations that help us broaden our impact.

Women Come Together to GROW

Every quarter, BrightView brings together women in a geographic area across the country to develop their skills, build relationships, and learn from one another. Approximately 60 women attend each regional GROW conference.

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Profiles in Success

We can’t help but brag. We’re proud of what our colleagues have achieved and where they’re headed. Here are just a couple recent headlines about some of the talented women of BrightView:

Cheguita McCullough, Business Development Executive
Business Development Executive
Chequita McCullough

Chequita’s success in the landscape industry caught the eye of Forbes, which included her in their list of “5 Women Flourishing in the Male-Dominated Landscaping Industry.

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Caroline Weilert, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Management
Vice President of Marketing & Brand Management
Caroline Weilert

Comerica Bank and the Los Angeles Lakers recognize women who demonstrate exceptional leadership in their Best of LA Women’s Business Awards. GROW Co-Founder Caroline Weilert was honored with the program’s Woman of Business award.

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